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Gail Skinner

Trainer/Animal Behaviour Consultant

Puppy School

Our Puppy School has been formulated for the new dog owner. This is a group training class with a maximum of 8 puppies per class. Classes are comprised of off lead and on lead exercises depending on the particular group. We cover the following Building the Bond Love my Name Recall Heelwork Sit Down Stand Handling Play

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Dog Sports

During Dog Sports sessions we offer the following Dock Diving Dog Puller Frisbee Treiball Agility Scentwork Water Agility

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Dog Parkour (Urban Agility)

This is the perfect dog activity for all dogs and their owners Through teaching the Dog Parkour Behaviours we build confidence, flexibility and optimism in your dogs, this gives them a sense of worth and they are more able to handle the real world.

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Agility Rocks

During our Agility Fun we cover the following Fitness Reliability Jumps Tunnels Contacts Weaves Handling

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Play and Socialisation

Our Play and Socialisation classes offer the following What is Socialisation? We Introduce you to games which are suitable for your dog. We help your dog to tolerate or play with other dogs to the best of their ability. "Play Together - Stay Together"

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"Awkward But Awesome" Dogs ©

This class is designed to work through the struggles you may be having with your dog. Jumping Up Barking Lunging Pulling on the lead Not coming when called Nervousness Anxiety Overexcitement

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Adult 1 Course

Adult 1 Course is for dogs who have been through our Puppy School or dogs who are over 6 months of age. This is a 4 week course and covers the following Boundaries Recall Sit Down Stand Stay Heelwork

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Survivors is aimed at those dogs and owners who want to complete the COB Certification (Certificate of Basic Obedience) Recall Down Stay Heelwork on and off lead Positions Retrieve Sit Stay

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Dog Grooming Salon image Grooming Salon offers the following services for your pet dogs and cats

Bathing and conditioner
Trimming and Clipping
Ear, eye and anal gland cleaning
Relaxing Massage
Health Check
Report on Coat Patterns
And much much more

We specialize in "Awkward But Awesome Dogs" and work slowly, calmly and confidently with your precious pets to enable them to enjoy the Spa experience.

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Behavioural Consultation

We offer private Behavioural Consultations to address a wide range of behavioural problems which you may be experiencing with your pet in the privacy of your own home or at our Training School.

Private 1-2-1 Training

Private Training Sessions are available to work on specific behaviours you want the dog to learn. We offer these at your home or our Training School or on location.


We regularly run Workshops and Seminars. Ask for our availability. - Dog Parkour - Speak Dog - Canine Body Language - Scent Work - The Nose Knows! - Awkward But Awesome - Dealing with Reactive Dogs - Building the Bond - Care, Welfare and Development of Puppies - Training and Desensitising Dogs in Shelters