"And they call it Puppy Love"'
I have been very busy all over the Algarve with dogs and it seems to be the same story repeating itself, people getting a puppy keeping it for a few months until the problem behaviours start showing themselves and then they either confine it in the yard, rehome it or surrender it to an animal shelter.  This is so unfair to the dog who is just doing what dogs do, growing and getting BIG and strong, biting, jumping, chasing, barking, getting overexcited and destroying things to name a few.Let's consider some of the reasons for getting a dog in the first place, To keep the other dog company, For the children, For company or as an Emotional response to that cute photo on social media.Now let's consider what a dog needs from their owner.  Fresh water and Quality food, check the main ingredients, feeding low grade food is the equivalent of us eating junk food.  Exercise, mental stimulation and sleep, these need to be in the correct balance to have a healthy, happy, well balanced dog. Training and socialization, these are really important to enable the dog to adapt to our hectic lifestyles.  Attention and affection, these are often overloaded in many dogs especially cute puppies and rescued dogs.  Remember everything in moderation.  Trust and consistency, dogs read our body language and if we are inconsistent they may become confused and stressed.  Shelter, grooming and health care, these are the basics, a safe space to sleep and call their own, brushing and handling, teeth and ear cleaning and generally ensuring they are healthy.So all in all taking on that new furry family member is a full time job and not to be taken lightly.  We take dogs on to make their lives better not worse.  If you are unsure of how adding a dog to your life will affect you why not try fostering one first.  Remember that when you see that impeccably well behaved dog lying quietly under the table at the coffee shop that a lot of work and time has gone into achieving that.  Training is ongoing, in fact if you are not progressing with your dog then you are regressing.  Dogs are learning all the time whether we like it or not, so it's important that we teach them the behaviours we want rather than letting them learn whatever they want to.  Let's ensure that the dog you choose is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.www.Awesome-dogs.com917758404Gail Skinner
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