Canines are one of the most versatile species on the planet.  They come in all different shapes and sizes from a tiny Chihuahua to a huge Irish Wolf Hound, yet they are all dogs.  They are all capable of carrying out "dog behaviours" squeezing out the door or gate, putting their paws on the kitchen counter or your guests' new outfit, getting on the sofa or your bed, going under the dinning chairs and getting into the car.  So why not introduce them to the Sport of Dog Parkour?  This is a great way of overcoming many dog behavioural problems and it gets you out and about with your dog.  Dog Parkour is suitable for all dogs and owners and other than the correct Y-Fronted harness and lead you don't need any expensive or bulky equipment.  Safety is paramount with Parkour, once you and your dog have learnt the basics and the safety requirements you're ready to go.  The Foundation Level covers the following behaviours, 2 Paws On, 4 Paws On, Under, In and Through, the environments used for these behaviours are Urban, Natural and Built.  First we teach the safety and then we teach the Parkour Behaviours on simple obstacles and then we introduce different obstacles from the different environments.  As you and your dog progress through the levels the challenges become more and more difficult as do the behaviours required.  The benefits of Parkour to your dog is it helps the dog to focus, it builds confidence and helps with creating a flexible brain, which has a knock on effect in real life by allowing your dog to handle day to day events.  Your relationship with your dog will improve as you work together as a team.  For more information or 917758404 and let's see how we can make your dog be the best he can!!