We have been having great excitement and success with the initiation of Project SUPER.  As laid out in a previous article the project is divided into different areas.  (Dog Walking, Enrichment, Basic Training, Calmness and Focus and Confidence Building). The volunteers and I are starting to see results. There's more calmness in the dogs in general who were previously over excited. These 3 dogs, Sporting, Bobi1 and Chico have been given mental enrichment techniques which has enabled them to socialize more and in Chico's case, stimulate him mentally to improve his unwanted anxious behaviour. This project has helped Sporting so much that he is now reserved for a family!!!! Prior to this project you couldn't approach his run without him lunging and barking aggressively.Spot, who was hyper energetic, received calming exercises by volunteers allowing him to relax mentally and increase focus. He was walked with more structure and with exercises to focus on disengagement from the environment and engagement on his handler.  He's been adopted!!!!All new volunteers are now welcomed with basic rules and an orientation by one of the existing volunteers.  An in-depth Orientation Workshop will be held soon for all volunteers, this will cover K9 Body language,  Approaching and Handling Dogs and Safety.  Volunteers will then Specialize in one of the areas of the project and receive training accordingly.  All the awesome volunteers (some pictured) are already using their strengths to make these dogs more adoptable.  It's a huge team effort to get these dogs rehabilitated and ready for homes.  But we are already seeing results and with the enthusiasm and continuing help from all the volunteers we can only improve and Get more Dogs OUT!!  There is still much work to be done, but we are proud of every bit of progress that brings us closer to getting the Dogs Out.  If you have the time and would like to get involved with this project please contact us.
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