Well it's November and the COP26 Conference is taking place, so with the environment in mind let's get out and about with our dogs. How to enjoy this amazing environment we are lucky enough to live in. It's time to have some FUN!!!Put your dog on a suitable harness which offers support on the chest, is padded and doesn't restrict the shoulder movement.  Attach your training lead, not a flexi lead, grab your dog's favourite snacks and you are ready for adventure.We're going to interact with the environment.  Head to the park, beach, or countryside.  Look around, you can use almost anything, boulders, trees, tree stumps, drift wood, a tree growing alongside a fence or wall, a row of trees, be adventurous.
Safety is first!! Make sure the objects you choose are stable and for the "on" exercise not higher than the dogs' shoulder height. Make sure there is nothing to snag your dog and that the landing surface is safe and non-slip.Can your dog to put his front or all paws on the object and hold the position for 2 seconds?Can he move between the objects?Can he go under the object?Remember go at your dog's pace, they are all different!Please don't force your dog to do anything that he is uncomfortable with. If you have tried an object 3 times and he doesn't want to interact find another object that he is happy with. These exercises should be fun for both of you. You are a team conquering the environment.
Keeping it Green, let's talk Recycling!! Strange you may think, but let me tell you we loooove recycling.Egg Boxes and toilet tubes, put your dog's dry food /snacks inside them and close (fold the ends of the toilet tubes over) and offer to your dog. Plastic bottles, cut the little ring off the top and cut some holes in the sides. Put your dog's dry food /snacks in the bottle and let him knock the food out. Please monitor your dog during this activity and don't let him eat the plastic.
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