Wet Dog ..... Happy Dog!!

As summer approaches many of us are getting ready to head to the beach and thinking of lazy days next to the pool.  It's time to introduce your dogs to the joys of water activities.   Some are naturals but many would rather jump over a puddle than get their toes wet. There are various water sports for you and your dogs, water agility,  extreme vertical (The high jump), long jump, speed retrieve, body boarding and the deep dive.   The benefits of introducing water activities to your dogs are that they build confidence,  independence,  the relationship between you strengthens and they're physically beneficial for building muscle and increasing fitness levels without putting strain on joints, ligaments or tendons.  My favorite benefits are that it gives the dogs focus and tires them out and as we all know "A tired dog is a good dog!"  In our purpose built pool we introduce dogs of all ages and abilities to water fun. When dogs start swimming there's a lot of splashing and thrashing about and the hind quarters sink in the water,  this causes them to panic. So we use life jackets on all novice dogs to give them confidence and buoyancy in the water until they are stable and have developed the muscles necessary to propel them through the water.  Dogs are able to overcome many behaviour struggles by swimming and building confidence and a sense of achievement.   Our first session with all new dogs is to show them the way out of the pool via the ramps, once they realize that they have a safe exit the fun begins.  So let's get out there and have a fun filled time with our dogs.

Gail Skinner